High Quality Odor Eliminator Systems


The ACS Difference

Unlike most carbon companies, our primary business is not the sale of bulk carbon. Our focus is on the design and manufacture of quality systems that feature low total cost of ownership. All ACS Systems are designed to maximize carbon life and minimize energy consumption. We achieve this by engineering each system to operate at low superficial velocity, which minimizes pressure drop. This results in significant energy savings over the life of the product. ACS incorporates pre-filters where needed to eliminate contaminants such as grease aerosol, water droplets and dust from the air stream prior to entering the carbon filter. This maximizes carbon life and saves you money. Most companies that sell carbon build systems just as a vehicle to sell their carbon. They are not motivated to design their systems to maximize carbon life; quite the opposite actually.

Odor Control is our Specialty

We specialize in odor control applications. Most other carbon companies consider odor control as a small part of their business. To us this is our focus and our area of expertise. We have over 15 years experience in the odor control industry. We offer comprehensive on-site testing and evaluation of your application prior to the installation, and we will customize our design to best meet your particular needs.

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